Many sports tend to model purchases on the pro’s equipment. If something is good enough to play for pros, then surely it will be good enough to use for amateurs. The size of pool cue tips is a significant focus in the pool. Our experts will guide you through the dimensions of professional pool players’ pool cue tips.

What size cue tip are the pros using? This will depend on the player. Professional players utilize a 12.25mm tip for pool cues. Some will use a 13-mm tip, while those with more extensive alerts will use a 14-mm tip. However, this is a rarer situation. There is no set standard for pros. Pros will use whatever suits their style of play.

Our experts will guide you through all that you need to know regarding pros and their cue tips. We have some advice for choosing the right pool cue tip if you’re a beginner.

What size tip are the pros using?

We have already said that there is no set cue size pros use. It will depend on the style of play. Some players may even alter their tip size or density from one game to the next.

If you notice that pro golfers prefer more complex shots, you can catch them using 13mm and sometimes 14mm cue tips. They will almost always have a medium or hard density.

If the player is focused on spin or more difficult shots, their cue tip might be as small as 12.25mm. This tip will often be much softer. This gives you more control over spin shots. A professional player will have delicate information. Although their breaks are less intense, they will still be more successful than the average pool player.

It is important to note that professional players often receive sponsorship. In this case, the sponsor may provide tips on occasion. These cue tips might be slightly different from what a professional player uses. They can usually work with any cue tip because they are professionals.

How big should a beginner’s cue tip be?

There is no one pool cue tip you should use, just like the pros. You will eventually get an idea of which cue tip gels are best for you.

We have found that beginners do well with a 12.5mm tip. Medium information is better for beginners because it allows them to improve their spin action and gives them a little more control over the shot than a soft tip.

You should stick with the pool cue tip attached to your cue when it was first purchased. After you have a better understanding of your game and your preferred playing style, you can start to experiment with different tips. This should be your quick guide.

  • A soft cue tip is a great way to add some spin to your shots.
  • Complex cue tip is for those who favor power over all else
  • These cue tips have medium-density and are suitable for average players. The one who doesn’t like one play style.

You can play more spin with smaller tips. Larger tip diameters are best for high-powered shots. Understanding your play style is the best way to determine which tip size works for you.

Initially, we would recommend using something other than smaller cue tips. If you don’t want to add too many spins to your shot, smaller cue tips will require more accuracy. This level of accuracy is something that only some new players can achieve.

How can you tell if your pool cue tips need to be replaced?

Comparing your current cue tip with an older one will help you determine if it needs to be replaced.

The top of a pool cue will look rounded if you examine it closely. Although wear to the tip can indicate that it needs to be replaced, it won’t be the only thing telling the story.

Instead, we recommend you look at the straight portion of the tip leading up to the dome. The more narrow this linear area becomes, the more likely you need to replace your pool cue. Comparing an old bonus with a new one is a good idea. It is easy to see how much wear has occurred on the information.

If the dome is showing uneven wear, consider changing your tip. If you are a skilled cue tipper and enjoy adding lots of spin to your shots, this is usually a quicker process.