Pool tables offer a lot of entertainment. A pool table used for a while will eventually get dirty. Your table is susceptible to dust, hairballs, and accidental spills. To prevent damage, you must know how to maintain felt billiard tables.

How to properly care for a Billiard Table Felt

Clean you’re felt regularly to maintain its top quality and ensure the balls glide smoothly. These are the best ways to clean your billiard tables:


You will need a pool table brush to clean your pool tablecloth. The soft bristles of table brushes are designed to be gentle on the feet. Please don’t use rough brushes, as they can cause damage to your feet.

How to Brush Your table Felt – You should sweep your table in one stroke every week. Pull the debris from the edges and bumper railings toward the center of the table. You should not brush in a circular motion as this can damage the felt’s flexibility and go against its weave.

After collecting all your trash, take a piece of cardboard or a rubber edge dustpan and sweep up the debris before throwing it away.

Use a Damp Cloth

To clean your pool table’s pockets, you can use a damp, clean cloth or towel instead of a vacuum. You can use an absorbent white handkerchief to clean the table for a recent spill. A lukewarm cotton cloth is used for old stains. Do not rub the stain with soap. Instead, pat the fabric on the spot until it disappears.

Cleaning the balls

After you have cleaned the tabletop, you can also clean the pool balls. If they are dirty, they will also dirty your table and pockets, which you just cleaned. Use a soft cloth to soak in warm water with some detergent. Then, wipe the billiard balls down and dry them.

Here’s What You Shouldn’t Do

Although you may have heard of people vacuuming pool tables tops, there are better ways to maintain billiard table felt. Vacuuming can cause the cloth to stretch and pull, reducing its durability. You can also play differently if you have wrinkles or creases.

How to Care for Billiard Table Felt

It’s great to spend time with friends and play pool. It’s essential to know how to care for your billiard tables. You should cover the table when you are not using it and clean it once a week. You can visit Tredway Pools to repair your table felt or contact us to see what we have for you.