Because of its location, the feel of a pool table is subject to a lot of wear and tear. It includes ball friction, light exposure, cue stick scrapes, and even light exposure. It is common for a pool table to require refelting. But at what price?

The actual cost of a project can vary based on many factors.

This article will discuss the average cost of refelting a pool table. It will also explain what factors affect the final number and whether the investment is worth it. If you are interested in having your pool table refelted by a professional, please read the following.

Average Cost to Rectify a Pool Table

It is the most distinctive characteristic of a pool table. However, it is time to upgrade when this vivid color begins to fade and becomes distorted by scratches and tears. Although many services can restore a pool table, each has its costs.

Refelting a pool table can cost homeowners anywhere from $265 to $560. Depending on their chosen service, the felting material used, and the table size, it will vary. The cost of other restorations and replacements will add to the total.

Typically, a portion of this cost is the price of the felt material itself, and the rest is an hourly labor cost, which typically ranges from refelting your table.

Factors that Influence Pool Table Refelting

It is essential to understand precisely where your money is going before you spend any professional services. While labor costs per hour make up a large portion of the overall cost, other factors can be considered.

  • Size of the table
  • Felt material
  • Refinishing/ Additional replacements

Table Size

As you can see, the dimensions of your pool table play a significant role in the price of its refelting. It will determine how much material and long it will take to complete the task.

It is not surprising that a larger 9-foot table will be more expensive than a smaller 7-foot one. The larger table will run about $280-$560, while the smaller table will run about $265-$450. Refelting a pool table 8 feet long is $270-$500.

These estimates are often very similar, which leads us to the next most important factor.

Felt Material

“Felt” is a generic term that describes an artificial textile material made by condensing, matting, and pressing fibers together. The refelting cost depends on the fibers used to make the pool table felt.

Wool, worsted wool, and outdoor felt cloth are the most popular materials for pool table felt. Woolen felt it is the most popular, which is both the most affordable and the most commonly used on pool tables at home and in public places.

Worsted wool feels better on pool tables than ordinary wool. It is due to how the material is made and the faster it can work on the table. This material is used almost exclusively on professional pool tables.

Acrylic fabrics and marine-grade cloths are often used to make outdoor felt. It ensures that the material can withstand extreme weather conditions and is waterproof. Outdoor felt can be more expensive than woolen felt due to the unique materials used.

These are just a few of the options available. However, you can also choose from four different felt choices. Customized felt it could increase your overall cost. A customized felt can be added to your pool table to make it a focal point in any room. However, this comes with an additional cost.

Refinishing/ Additional replacements

This factor covers more than just the cost of refelting; many owners need to consider what they will be paying. Pool tables may require additional services beyond refelting. These include leveling, bumper replacements, and refinishing. All of these will increase the overall cost.

These are not required, but it is easier to do them while your table is refelted. Be aware of the condition of your table and ensure it doesn’t need these services.

Is it worth the cost?

Many high-quality materials are used to make pool tables, but felt is the most important. It protects the slate or wood beneath and ensures that the balls travel at the correct speeds.

If the felt on your table is damaged or worn, your chances of winning a game are significantly reduced. You’ll also need to consider your tabletop’s condition when calculating your shots. It can make shots that you once shot quickly more difficult to sink.

You might not consider spending hundreds of dollars on replacing your pool table if you only use it for leisure. If you’re a passionate pool player, it is essential to refelt your table.

It will still impact your game if you are only looking to repair or patch your felt table. Also, improving your pool table felt is less expensive than replacing it.

Last Thoughts

Pool tables can be expensive, so it is evident that keeping them in good condition and replacing worn or damaged parts are only sometimes accessible.

Refelting can seem expensive, but it is essential for avid pool players who value optimal playing conditions. You can save money by purchasing your felt directly from the company. However, we do not recommend DIY refelting.