At the start of the game, the following is the table:

As you look at the colours in the “D” section from the end of the table, think about “G”od “B”less “Y”ou for Green, Brown, and Yellow to recall their order.

Terminology for Balls:

* Cueball – the white ball, which is the only one you can hit with the cue * Red – the red balls, of which there are 15 at the start of the game * Colour – one of the six balls that is neither red nor white

Values of the balls:

Yellow – 1 Yellow – 2 Green – 3 Brown – 4 Blue – 5 Pink – 6 Black – 7 Red – 1 Yellow – 1 Yellow – 1 Yellow – 1 Yellow – 1 Yellow – 1 Yellow – 1 Yellow – 1 Yellow –

Snooker terminology is as follows:

To put a ball into a pocket, use a pot (and have it stay there)
To commit a foul is to act in a way that is contrary to the rules.
Snookered means that you can’t roll the cueball in a straight line and hit the target ball.
The ball you plan to hit with the cueball is called the ball ON.


1 – You hit the cueball, which then hits and hopefully pots another ball.
2 – The cueball must not be potted.
When the red balls are still on the table:
3 – On every turn, you must hit a red with the cueball as your first shot.
4 – If you pot that red (the ball ON), you get a point and your next shot can be any of the colours (be sure to say which one you have chosen). The crimson remains tucked away in the pocket.
5 – If you pot that colour (which now has the ball ON), you score the color’s value, and your next shot must be a red. The colour returns to its original location. If it doesn’t fit in its designated space, it will be placed on the most valuable spot available.
6 – If you fail to pot or foul, your turn is over, and your opponent has a chance to try again.
7 – Continue with red-color-red-color-red-color-red-color-red-color-red-color-red-color-red-color-red-color-red-color-red-
When all of the red balls have been consumed:
8. Yellow (2), green (3), brown (4), blue (5), pink (6), black (7) balls are pocketed in this order: yellow (2), green (3), brown (4), blue (5), pink (6), black (7) balls (7). They don’t fall out of the pocket.

Rules for Foul Play:

1 – The cueball must make contact with the ball ON first after being struck; else, a foul is committed.
2 – If your cueball does not make contact with anything on the table, your opponent has the option of taking the shot or returning the table to you.
3 – If you foul and your opponent gets snookered on all balls ON, he may be given the option of selecting a freeball (any ball on the table). The freeball becomes another ball ON for this shot only, has the same value, and is respotted if potted.
4 – If your cueball strikes a ball other than the ball ON first, the penalty is equal to the value of the struck ball or 4 points, whichever is greater.
5 – If you pot a ball other than the ball ON, you do not receive the value of the ball ON, but your opponent does.
6 – If you touch any ball on the table at any moment, the punishment is the ball’s worth or four points, whichever is greater.

The game is over when:

1. A player resigns because there aren’t enough balls on the table to make up for the opponent’s score OR he doesn’t have enough snooker choices to force the opponent into a foul.
2. All reds and colours of the ball are pocketed.

Winner: – At the end of the game, the person with the most points wins!